Embracing the Center Aisle–Flying Southwest

This past week I had to fly from Nevada to Albany on Southwest Airlines.

My boarding pass was in the B’s.

If you fly, you know what that means–I was in the middle of the pack with regard to my seat choice…there are no assigned seats on SWA.

I told my flying partner and co-worker that I had a strategy to get a comfortable seat.

I was so right.

The worst seat possible is one where I sit next to another broad-shouldered or fat guy like me, where we battle over the armrest for thousands of miles.  Put me in between two similar guys like that and I almost get suicidal.

First off, in spite of being in the middle of the pack numerically, I was the last person on the plane.

I started talking to my son on the cell phone about his new house, in advance of the line-up announcement. 

Before I knew what hit me, they were paging my name.

No worries.

Here’s my strategy, it’s specifically designed to capitalize on the dreaded center seat.

There are dozens of them at the end of the boarding period.

The plan is to look for two of the thinnest women I can find, separated by a center aisle seat that’s open between them.

It worked like a charm–Row 3 and I was still the last passenger to board.

I had an Anne Hathaway look-alike to my right and a Skidmore girl to my left.

Too good to be true, right?

My co-worker said, on one of his trips to the restroom, he saw that I was out like a light, with both elbows hogging the armrests.

I don’t remember dreaming about Anne Hathaway or the Skidmore girl, but I’m pretty sure they were ruminating about how close they came to having an open middle seat between them.

I did my best to be polite and kind.

They reciprocated.

What’s my point today?

How to make the best of the worst.

Anyone can do it, you just need a plan.

Jesus said, the last shall be first for a reason.

He uses my strategy all the time, by giving us wisdom when it seems too late to make life better.

I love the Lord’s guidance and I love Southwest.


One Response to “Embracing the Center Aisle–Flying Southwest”

  1. Susan Says:

    Ha ha ha haha That was funny, James. I LOVE Southwest Airlines. They are much better than other airlines, I think.

    It was funny that you shimmied in between two cute chicks. I’ll have to look for two skinny guys next time I fly! ha ha hahahha

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