Is Mexico More Dangerous Than Afghanistan?

It’s almost hard to conceive that a war zone so far away, in Afghanistan, is 9 times less dangerous than Chihuahua, Mexico, which borders two U.S. States, Texas and New Mexico.

Americans, for the most part, see the Afghanistan War as our attempt to shut down terrorism.

It’s difficult to connect the dots, but the fact is, that’s our main mission.

In the past year alone over 2,200 civilians in Chihuahua were killed by drug dealing thugs in Mexico.

Simply being a Westerner is the reason that radical Islamists want us dead.

Simply being a drug user is the reason innocent Mexicans are being killed south of the border.

It’s not our fault that the Taliban wants us dead.

It’s partly our fault, for the amount of drugs our “doped-up” population buys, that all hell has broken loose in Mexico.

I’m fairly certain my readers aren’t part of the problem.

I’m also fairly certain my readers want to know this problem exists.

All we can do is keep promoting hope in a God who fills every void.

Drugs are a slippery slope that only mask the loneliness users are experiencing.

Help us Lord to be part of a solution, so that our neighbors are not as likely to feel the need to flee their own country out of fear.


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