Victory After Sin–It’s Grace

I had to laugh the other day regarding a hiring that happened in the NFL.

The name of the person and teams don’t matter, but the circumstances do.

There was a football analyst–a major-guru on ownership and management–who was talking about one of the team’s need for a new head coach.

The person he felt was most likely to get it was the offensive coordinator of a team that had just been shut-out, literally five minutes earlier in a play-off game.

I thought to myself, “Are you kidding–this guy was just made a complete fool of on national TV by the horrible game plan he put together–zero points.”

Sure enough, a few days later, the man got the job.

Often in life, we find ourselves down and depressed after we’ve failed.

It’s normal for us to feel shame, especially if we neglect to repent, or make recompense for our misdeed.

What’s wonderful about God’s Grace is that it’s there to help us remember victories of the past and use them as a healing salve for our broken hearts.

Clearly the offensive coordinator sold himself to his new team’s management based on his many successful games.

The elephant in the room during his interview had to be his recent loss, but, God’s Grace and his own ability to let sadness go, got him what he wanted.

If you feel like you have an elephant sitting on your chest, then meditate on your past victories.

Rub them on the wound like Ben-Gay and ask God to help.

Before you know it, you’ll be moving around in life just like before.


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