Jesus–The Football Analyst

Toward the end of the long night Jesus spent escorted around Jerusalem before He was crucified, He met King Herod.

Herod thought Jesus was an interesting novelty and asked Him if He would perform miracles for his Court, as if Christ was a trained sideshow act.

Jesus never spoke to Herod and was finally led away.

The latest headline news about Tim Tebow reminded me a bit of this scenario.

It seems that CBS has decided they want Tim as an analyst for this weekend’s AFC Championship game.

There’s no question whether or not he’s qualified–he is.

What’s unique and actually a bit encouraging, is that CBS has very little concern about Who exactly Tim Tebow stands for, they simply want to capitalize on the ratings he’ll bring.

What we watch is a reflection of what we yearn for.

This really means America is fascinated with Tebow and that to me is a good sign.

CBS, if you’re reading this, I’d like to ask you for one more favor.

Please do a poll before the game this weekend, and ask American parents–who–among a list of famous eligible bachelors, they’d want to have their daughters marry.

When you get the overwhelming answer clear in your head, then maybe you too might realize Tim’s act is no sideshow.

His lifestyle and devotion to God, in the service of others, runs deep in America’s culture.

Considering the potential for complete economic collapse–any time, service and devotion to those less fortunate could actually mean any one of us, on either side of the equation.

Tim, I hope you do the pre-game show.  You can’t go wrong and your presence may end up silencing your enemy for a few minutes…and that’s hard to do.

I also hope you marry my….

Ding Dong

Oops someone’s at the door.

I’d better let Him in.


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