Win or Lose–Home or Away–Tebow’s Parents Taught Him Well

It’s hard to look at a young man like Tim Tebow without wondering what kind of upbringing he had.

His parent’s story closes the loop on this interesting person.

No matter what the circumstances, winning or losing, alone or public, Tebow stands boldly before God’s throne.

And with a little help from Focus on the Family, last night’s TV ratings meant that millions of viewers around the world heard a Gospel message from the purest source of all–a group of children.

I can relate.

Without help from Focus on the Family, way back in the 90’s, the Father Daughter Valentine Dance and it’s child-centered message, would still be just a local Pittsfield story.

I’m incredibly grateful for my parents.

At my mom’s funeral Mass I spoke a prayer asking God to help me be as good to my children as she was to me.

My dad’s words of wisdom are in my head countless times each day.

To be a good parent we need role models to emulate.

Watch this video…it’s a template for child rearing.

Timmy is a template for life.


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