Speak Lord for Your Servant is Listening

Today’s Old Testament reading from 1 Samuel 3, is one of my favorites.

A very young Samuel, who lives in the Temple with the Prophet Eli, is sleeping in front of the Ark of God and hears his name called out.

Three times in a row, after hearing a voice say “Samuel,” he trots over to the old man Eli and asks him what he needs.

Finally, after the third awakening, Eli realizes that it is the Lord Who is contacting the boy and he instructs him to say “speak Lord for your servant is listening.”

There’s no doubt the young boy innocently thought it was his earthly master who called, as this was the first time The Lord had contacted him.

Sometimes we miss those messages from above, but, as adults we should know better.

When we hear God, I mean young adults, or us old folks, we don’t have a whole life time to figure things out and get our ministry in gear.

That’s right, I said ministry.

If you don’t have one, it’s not God’s fault, it’s yours.

There are openings everywhere every day.

Now, before you think I’m trying to recruit you for my church, here are the types of ministries that you can, or may already do.

When someone dies, do you bring over a meal?

Are you a volunteer board member for a non-profit organization?

Do you show kindness on a regular basis to an elderly friend or neighbor.

Do you write uplifting letters to the editor about your faith, or other heroes in your community?

Do you help out with the Special Olympics?

Do you raise money for St. Jude Hospital?

Do you travel to a third world country on your vacation to help the poor?

If you do, then keep it up, by default you’re teaching others to do the same.

The Lord wants all of us to rest in front of Him–the Ark.

Our first prayer must always be for wisdom, so that when He does speak, we’re not out to lunch, missing the opportunity to do a favor for someone less fortunate, thereby touching the heart of God.


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