NFL’s New Overtime Rules—LOL

If you happen to be an NFL fan, like me, you know that yesterday the Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers finished their Wild Card round playoff game in regulation time with a tie score–23 to 23.

Bring on the extra period.

The announcers made sure we viewers knew this game was the first time the new rules, set up two years ago, were coming into play–there were no OT games in the playoffs last season.

These changes were implemented so that the team who wins the coin toss in overtime is not necessarily able to march down the field and win the game with a long field goal–sudden death, without giving the other team at least one possession.

Here’s the glitch in the rules.

If the team that wins the coin toss scores a touch down, then the game does end–sudden death.

Or, if the defense scores a touch down or safety–game over.

Bottom line?

No one writing these new procedures figured on Tim Tebow being the quarterback to win the flip.

Here’s a shocker, for once the post game analysis was about Tebow’s skills, not His connection to the Almighty–Tebow took care of that sermon.

They talked about how the defense had to play the run on first down–fearing Tebow’s ability to run the option.

The linebackers and safeties all bit on the play-action fake–that’s a pretend run ladies–then Tebow threw a perfect strike over the middle of the field to the fastest/strongest receiver in Denver’s storied history–Demaryius Thomas.

In 11 seconds, DT ran 80 yards, while making the three guys chasing him look like toddlers and their daddy in the backyard–game over.

You probably thought I was going to make some great spiritual analogy today–right?

No need.

The Broncos have Tebow.

Nuff said.

John 3:16?

That’s just code for–John Elway’s boy–316 yards passing.



One Response to “NFL’s New Overtime Rules—LOL”

  1. Susan Says:

    Tebow rocks! I LOVE Tebow. What a Godsend. Truly. Millions of people see him, too. Praise the Lord.

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