Bad News From The Doctor

I read a news article this morning about a man in North Carolina who went to Wal-Mart and tried to pass counterfeit money.

Sometimes you have to admire the criminal mind for its craftiness and cunning.

Except this particular attempted theft had a wee bit of tarnish covering the ingenuity of the moment.

The currency he tried to pass was a fake $1 Million Dollar Bill.

If you think he got caught because he had the wrong President’s face on the note, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Many times the mistakes we make are so darn obvious it’s almost laughable–were it not of course–for the consequences.

I had my annual physical on Friday morning.

My doctor gave me bad news.

I’ve gained 11 pounds since my last visit–exactly one year ago.


That’s tough news to swallow Doc.

Do you think I need a second opinion?

You know, maybe a different scale?

Speaking of swallowing, a bit too much of that is what got me to this point.

A few more trips up and down the stairs might not hurt either.

So, the next time you get bad news, be sure you find someone to blame.

There’s no point in letting on that we may be less than genius in all our affairs.


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