The Best New Year’s Resolution Ever

One of the features I have with my WordPress Blog account, is the ability to see, every day, which blog posts have been read.

With the click of a mouse, I can then go back and re-read what someone read today, which I may have written a year ago or more.

Invariably, when I go back over the essay, I find typos, or other grammatical errors I want to improve.

Again, with the click of a mouse, I can fix the mistakes and repost the blog as if it was always just the way I wanted.

Unfortunately in life, we can’t really do that with mistakes we’ve made with our loved ones and friends.

In terms of resolving those issues, the closest thing that exists to a memory eraser is the big “A” word that we too often overlook.

It’s called an “apology.”

If you’re carrying the baggage of guilt, don’t underestimate the power you have to heal by saying the words–“I’m sorry.”

Even though your past isn’t changed, with a mea culpa you can say you’ve done your best to correct the present, for the benefit of the future.

King Solomon made quite an impression on Almighty God with his request.

Almost like a Jeannie in a bottle from the movie Aladdin, God gave King Solomon the ability to wish for any blessing at all.

Without hesitation, Solomon asked God for wisdom, so that he could rule his people with justice and equality.

God was so blessed that His servant chose such a selfless and noble prize, He granted him wealth and riches to boot.

Let’s all, this day, New Year’s Day 2012, be like King Solomon and pray for wisdom.

It may not undo mistakes we’ve made in the past, but it sure has the power to help us avoid them in the future.

Are you listening God?



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