Come Know Me Better Man–A Christmas Carol

Once again, I feel the need to pinch myself, because of the quality production rolled out by the new Berkshire Theatre Group at The Colonial in downtown Pittsfield.

The buzz of the crowd, not just because of the elephant in the room…I’ll get to that later, but due to the anticipation of seeing one of the greatest Christmas stories ever told–Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

The troupe did not disappoint.

Just as the Young Turkey Boy, played by Henry Taylor, said to Mr. Scrooge–“Surely you know what today is sir…It’s Christmas Day”– so too did the audience know that Henry’s father James was to play Bob Cratchit.

And play him he did.

As is the music of James, even-tempered, mellow and unwavering, just like a steamroller baby, he nailed the part.

Along with James, the entire cast, including his wife Kim as his stage-wife Mrs. Cratchit, churned out a sweet finale to their two-week run.

I could go on about the directing, set design, lighting, sound and flawless stage managing, but, since this is not my lane per se, permit me to wax…you know–philosophical.

Here’s the bottom line.

All of us have a bit of fame or prestige to some degree or another.

For me, I’m “uncle sea monster” to my great nephews and nieces in Lanesboro and Dalton.

That’s a reference to a game we play in their pool.

On Christmas Eve, instead of parking my rear-end in front of an NFL contest, I played a card game of War with them.

They had never played it before–we old folks have a few games up our sleeve that aren’t connected to a smart phone.

I want to know my nephews better and because I was willing to give them some of my time, now I do.

That’s kind of like how God was with His son Jesus, allowing Him to become everyone’s Christmas present.

The Almighty could have just as easily redeemed the world with far less hassle to Him and His only Son.

But, He wanted us to know Him.

James’s gift to Berkshire County Theater go-ers pales in comparison to the gift of time and memories he gave his two sons Rufus and Henry, both of whom were in the production.

For Christians, the most heart wrenching line in the Christmas Carol has to be when Bob Cratchit tells his family how Tiny Tim was glad to be at church to remind those there of Who it was that has the power to heal the lame and the crippled.

Handkerchief please.

Congratulations to all, especially to you Mr. Dickens (also Mr. Scrooge and Director Eric Hill).

You’ve taught us that no matter how wild our dreams might be, as long as we don’t ignore them, the possibilities to do good are endless.


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