The Two Kinds of Promises and Advice for Singles

Every time we make a promise to someone, like, “I promise I’ll visit you,” or, “I promise to help you with that dinner you’re making,” the committment has a conclusion.

Once we fulfill that offer, then our obligation is complete and we feel a sense of accomplishment.

When we look at the life of Abraham, we see that the Father makes a promise that his descendants will be greater than the stars in the sky.

In spite of the fact that we cannot see all the stars and since God cannot lie, there will come a time when the actual descendents of Abraham will exceed the number of stars.

It may have happened already, but, since Abraham’s numbers continue to grow, there’s a good chance they haven’t exceeded the star population.

Promises that God makes really don’t have an end.

In fact they’re a beginning.

Like a vow we make to our spouse in marriage, God’s promises are sacred and everlasting.

Sure, we have the right to re-marry if our spouse passes on, but the vow comes from above and the blessings that come forth from any holy marriage have the potential to impact the world near and far.

As we seek God, especially single people, and enjoy His promises, it’s imperative that we trust Him to guide us to the right person who can be a mirror into which we can see our weaknesses and our strengths.

A person who we may admire, who constantly criticizes, is one who has less capacity to edify and more ability to take than give.

Don’t freak out over what I’m about to say, but this is what I believe–the person you fall in love with, must believe you are superior to them in many ways….and vice versa.

I know my wife is superior in the area of making our house a home.

I know she believes I’m superior in managing finances.

These are just a few small examples.

Meditate on the promises God gave you and then, carefully and daily pray for your spouse-to-be–no matter where they are.

The stars you want are the ones in the sky, not the ones from a swinging frying pan.


One Response to “The Two Kinds of Promises and Advice for Singles”

  1. Susan Says:

    Can’t we just appreciate each others’ strengths and compliment each other?

    Why does one have to be superior to the other?

    I don’t buy that.

    A marriage combines two lives, each equal to the other, with strengths and weaknesses.

    Love conquers all, with God at the Center. HE’S the only one who is “superior.”

    Anyway, that’s my opinion, James.

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