Passing the Time by Singing

Ever since my daughter became friends with a tiny village in Haiti, I’ve never tired of the way I see visitors from DeSable pass the time.

Last night, two of the islanders were over for dinner.

Just leftovers from Christmas, but to them it was a luxury.

After dinner daughter Marisa encouraged them to sing.

With no prodding at all, they launched into several uplifting songs, in Creole, but close enough to my college level French, that I knew the gist of each piece.

Even though I’m still a bit hung over from my evil kibbee meat experiment, I found myself in need to make a musical contribution.

Many years ago I learned a song that goes like this:

I was searching in my heart

I found Christ sin had to part

God gave me a brand new start

I praise the Lord I praise Him now

The Holy Spirit Will teach me how

And tonight My knees will humbly bow

I love you Jesus–Yes

I love you Jesus

I love you with all my heart

I will worship I will sing

Souls to Christ I will bring

To the altar, where He’ll do His part.

I really don’t have a good singing voice, but if the song is sincere enough, your audience will ask for an encore.

Lenaire and Esaiie did.

Call me if you want to hear it sung over the phone.

The melody is addicting.

You’ll never forget it.

Passing the time by worshipping God is a luxury we all must find a way to afford.


One Response to “Passing the Time by Singing”

  1. Susan Says:

    Oh, wish I could have heard them, Jimmy. I DO want to hear the song.

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