From Poor to Rich–Pat Nichols

Pittsfield is a poorer place this week due to the loss of one of her all time favorite citizens.

Pat Nichols, writer, mother and friend to thousands, passed away on Christmas Eve.

One of our jobs in life, as Christians, is to endure hardship.

Most people I know, who said goodbye to a child, understandably, have a hard time carrying on in faith and hope.

Pat suffered the unthinkable three times, yet never did she appear to lose hope or her joy for living.

That’s the definition of a role model.

One thing I learned from my father, was how to give bear-hugs to special people.

I can still see him in my mind hugging Pat with all his might.

In fact, that’s the type of impact she had on everyone she met.

She was a person you just wanted to hug, because of her kindness and consistent sincerity and the way she made life richer.

May God bless you Pat and provide the rest and rewards so deserved for your lifetime of love and service to Arthur, your children, grandchildren, and the thousands around our community whose lives you made better.


One Response to “From Poor to Rich–Pat Nichols”

  1. Susan Says:

    May she rest in everlasting peace, James. I didn’t know Pat but that was a nice tribute that you wrote.

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