Santa’s Black Belt and Why the JW’s Hate Him

Since Christmas fell on a Sunday this year, the mission work of the deeply deceived Jehovah Witnesses fell on Christmas Eve.

In other words, they work the neighborhoods on Saturdays here in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Yesterday was no exception.

It’s really not OK for us believers to just slam the door in their face, or pretend we’re not home.

Here’s why.

Their primary orthodoxy revolves around a heresy that started way back in the year 300, by a heretic named Arius.

His followers, the Arians, believed that Christ was created by God and therefore not divine, but just human, like us.

Wrong and from the pit of Hell.

If Christ isn’t divine then His sacrifice on the cross has no power to redeem.

Now you know what I mean by “from the pit of Hell.”

Arius and his followers, the Arians, became so popular they were able to force a seat at the Council of Nicea in A.D. 325, where Church doctrine could be decided once and for all.

Fortunately the Arian view was rejected.

But not before a few fireworks.

There was one Bishop, with a black belt–not the karate kind, at that conference of Bishops, who was so irritated by Arius and his lies, that this Bishop punched him in the nose.

That Bishop was Nicholas.

So now you know why Jehovah Witnesses hate Christmas.

It’s not the red suit of Saint Nicholas they fear, it’s that black belt.

Ho Ho Ho.

The next time your doorbell rings, read them this story.

They need to hear it.


2 Responses to “Santa’s Black Belt and Why the JW’s Hate Him”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Christmas is not in The Bible is it? That’s why they don’t celebrate Christmas. What’s more important is remembering Jesus Christ. Understand. Do you not care what The Bible says, and why The Bible even exists? The Bible is the only way to get to know Jehovah God. Read The Bible is my advice to you.

    • jmassery Says:

      Amanda…the term Jehovah’s Witnesses, or Watchtower Society is not in the Bible either…The Bible also teaches us that Peter is the Rock upon which the Church will be built, yet the Jehovah Witnesses reject the Catholic Church, which is the one True Church that Christ formed. Jesus also told Peter that whatever he bound on earth shall be bound in heaven…since the Catholic Church has bound Christmas day as a holiday that is what makes it Holy…if you say that you only believe the bible then that means you only believe what Catholics have determined to be Holy Scripture…the Jehovah Witnesses only believe parts of the bible so that they can deceive people away from the Truth…it is not your fault but you have been told many lies about God and been deceived…One of the biggest lies you have been told is that the Eucharist, the body of Christ is not real…if it is not then why did Jesus insist, in John 6 that unless you eat the flesh of the son of man and drink his blood you would have no life in you? In fact, your religion ran away from Jesus just like the phony followers of Christ did after he began to preach about the Eucharist…they said these sayings are too hard and all that was left was Peter and the 12…Peter said to Christ, too whom shall we go, after Christ asked him if he would leave also… I will pray for you and have the monks I am friends with pray for you specifically Amanda.

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