Obedience to God–or the Wife…Which is Harder?

There’s a song about what a man must do to find happiness in marriage.

It has something to do with whether or not he chooses an unattractive woman.

Let’s just say…I can’t relate…my wife is very pretty.

Each holiday season, I strive to grow closer to God.

There’s one problem…the needs of a spouse, especially where it pertains to decorating, entertaining and financing gifts etc…tend to put me in a bit of a mood.

An in-law recently told me–flat out…he hated Christmas…then proceded to recite all the reasons.

His wife heard the whole rant–courageous.

Don’t get me wrong…he loves the baby Jesus…it’s just the trappings of the holidays that get him down.

This Christmas season, if you find yourself lacking a wee bit in the joy surrounding the big day, try this;

The next time your wife asks you to do twenty things before 11am, all related to Christmas…take  a deep breath…say a quick prayer…then boldy tell her–flat out….YES DEAR!

That’s my formula for happiness.


One Response to “Obedience to God–or the Wife…Which is Harder?”

  1. Susan Says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha That was a funny one, James.

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