5 and 10 to Dollar Store…Anita Bryant to Michelle Bachmann

There’s an old saying–“the more things change…the more things stay the same.”

Some of the traditional Christmas songs like, “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” remind me of how different life is.

When Johnny Mathis croons the words “take a look at the five and ten,” do young people have any idea what that means?

Somehow changing the words to say “take a look at the dollar store,” doesn’t seem right.

I had to laugh when I read the AP article today about how the “Occupy Iowa City” crowd did everything they could to interrupt Michele Bachmann’s campaign visit to a popular diner in their city.

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) – The Hamburg Inn in Iowa City has long been a popular stop for presidential candidates, but it probably won’t be high on Rep. Michele Bachmann’s list anymore.

About two dozen activists with Occupy Iowa City packed the diner before Bachmann arrived Thursday, then loudly chanted in unison as she tried to mingle with supporters. Their chant blasted the Minnesota congresswoman’s position on gay rights, health care and taxes and ended with: “You’re not wanted here. So go, just go.”

The restaurant’s manager says the campaign blared Christmas songs over a sound system to drown out the protesters. Police arrived as tensions rose, but no one was arrested.

Bachmann seemed undeterred. Before leaving, she thanked the owner, praised the food and said it was great to be in Iowa City.

If these “occupyers” really knew what they were doing, they would’ve grabbed a pie (they’re in a Diner, there should be plenty around)  and tossed it in the face of the Congresswoman, like their ancestors did to Anita Bryant so many years ago.

But, like I said, young people have little knowledge of history…the only thing they carry forward, especially the liberal ones, is how to pretend they’re upset about one issue, (Wall Street) when in reality they’re just pushing other agendas.

Hang in there Michele, the more verbal pies they throw, the greater God will bless…especially if you can find it in your heart to forgive them…for they know not what they do.


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