Meditate On Holiness–Start With Your Mother

Yesterday I was talking with some co-workers about my mother.

She was the one person I knew who never cursed, drank, or spoke ill of any others.

She was Saintly…may God rest her soul.

That does not mean she didn’t suffer hardships.

When only 12-years-old, her father passed, leaving her mother and 5 young children alone–during the great depression.

Thank God they owned a grocery store and survived.

Her mother, my Sittoo, was a prayerful woman too, who never remarried after she became widowed.

Things were different.

Both had a reputation for holiness.

In today’s Scripture readings we see the story of Hannah, giving up to the Lord her only son Samuel, fulfilling a promise she made to Eli for God’s gift of life.

In the Gospel we see Mary proclaiming to the Lord her gratitude for His providence.

I like to meditate from time to time on people far holier than I  am.

They’re not hard to find.

I’ve included a video I know will bless you.

Please listen to Brother John Michael Talbot as he puts to song the same words of Mary.

Think about the sacrifices of your mother.

Ask God to help you to be the same type of blessing to those after you, as she was to you and others who knew her.


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