Too Many Cops Are Dying

It’s a bit misleading to look at the violent crime statistics and say that the numbers are way down.

In most cases it has to do with how they’re recorded or categorized.

Believe it or not, some cities deliberately pump up their numbers to enjoy greater federal grant dollars.

The bottom line is criminals are taking aim at police officers like never before.

In just the past few weeks alone, beginning with the senseless killing of a Virginia Tech University cop, then one in the Pittsburgh area and another in the Lakeland, Florida region, thugs are shooting point black, as if life is a game where their victims can just press reset and live again.

It doesn’t work that way.

Justice is only being meted out when SWAT teams corner and neutralize these losers and threats to society.

Liberal judges in some cases are even releasing dangerous felons on their own personal recognizance.

It’s maddening.

Every time we citizens take to the streets, we must be weary of things happening around us.

The cell phone is one of the best tools we have to report suspicious behavior.

Never ever be afraid to call 911 if you see abnormal activity.

You may be the person who keeps some poor little girl from having to grow up without a dad.

If you fear retribution, then make the call anonymously.

There’s no law that says you must ID yourself on the phone.

The cops are not robots that can be replaced by just placing an order for a new one.

They’re just like you and me.

Be a soldier, use the tools.

If he were your son, or husband, or dad, you’d want the rest of society to do the same for you.


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