Some Shy, Others Bold–Still God’s Instruments

When I was a boy, one of the greatest novelty gifts I had ever received was a real Swiss Army Knife.

There were so many things it could do.

I think I was most fascinated by the tiny scissors and plastic reusable toothpick.

I’m pretty sure I still have  it today.

If you don’t know what one is, then you’re just too young.  Look in your father’s desk, where he stashes old things he cherishes.

Today’s Swiss Army Knife is the smart-phone.

It does just about everything but brew coffee….some day it might.

Today’s Gospel reading, where the Virgin Mary is told by the Angel Gabriel she is to be with child, reminds me of how God has so many different tools at His disposal.

Just a few months earlier Zachariah was told by this same Angel that his wife would conceive John the Baptist.

When Zachariah questioned the Angel, he was silenced until John’s birth.

When Mary questions the Angel he politely explains how the Holy Spirit will move and cause her to conceive.

Both questions were the same, yet the responses quite different.

The Baptist’s family was one tool in God’s Spiritual Army, while the Joseph and Mary’s were another.

Whether we’re shy or whether we’re bold in our personalities, it does not matter.

God has the ability to use us to our fullest extent, provided our attitude does not deny that we belong to Him.

I guess I’m more like the Baptists…I’m not too shy.

That makes me no better than someone who unselfishly volunteers to do Bible Studies at the Jail.

All are tools God can use.

We are that favorite thing God cherishes and keeps in His drawer where no one can throw us away.


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