Flaming Argument for Death Penalty

Recently, in a Brooklyn elevator, a disgruntled man waiting for the perfect opportunity doused an elderly woman he knew with flammable liquid, lit her on fire, bombed the death chamber with a molotov cocktail and then got away.

The woman died of course…but not without suffering hellacious pain.

How do we know so much detail about this horrific murder?

All of it was caught on two video security cameras.

The man was eventually apprehended.

Any argument against this clown’s execution, makes about as much sense as American Airlines accepting a life insurance claim from Mrs. Mohammad Atta–the 9-11 lead assassin.

The woman who was killed, a 73-year-old, heading home with groceries in tow, was guilty of one thing–associating with the loser.

I don’t love ruminating about this type of tragedy, but I can’t help but remind readers that Liberals are the reason scum like this spend the rest of their lives in jail–eating three squares–sleeping in soft beds–and studying for their Master’s Degrees–all at the rest of society’s expense.

Justice is supposed to be swift in America.

The Liberal agenda has slowed it down to a trickle.

Pray that the dirt-bag draws a weapon on a Riker’s Island Guard.

Then only, justice might have a chance.

Otherwise–dig deep tax payers of New York–the maggot is hungry.



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