How Should Belichick Prepare to Play Tebow?

I really don’t know much about Bill Belichick’s spiritual life.

Other than his weekly press conference, which he seems to force himself  to attend, responding to questions with  no emotion at all…there’s little to go on.

Here’s a suggestion for you Bill.

Forget the game film of Tebow and the Broncos.

Find a Monastery and go on retreat for two days.

Take the whole team; no wives.

There’s a beautiful Maronite community in Petersham, Massachusetts, called the Most Holy Trinity Monastery.

God has so much to share with us, yet we’re often so busy worrying about what we don’t have, that we forget to commune with God absorbing the blessings we do possess.

These Monks have prayer and gratitude figured out.

My prediction for this weekend, in spite of my being a huge Patriots fan, is another miraculous win by Tebow and the Broncos in Colorado…unless of course Bill can figure out a way to “out pray” the opponent.

A trip to Petersham can’t hurt.

Since Coach B is so incredibly disciplined, I can’t help but think he’d like the contemplative life.

No TV, no distractions and best of all…no reporters.


One Response to “How Should Belichick Prepare to Play Tebow?”

  1. Elaine Donoghue Says:

    This is priceless, Jim…Will try to share it!

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