Obama the “Keystone Kop”

The President has warned congress that he’s not going to accept any political games.


That’s like Don Rickles saying he won’t tolerate sarcasm.

One of the greatest opportunities the US has had in years is to strike a deal with the Canadian government and build the Keystone pipeline from our neighbor north, down into Texas.

Not only would it create as many as 200,000 jobs, it will also help ween us from our demand for middle east oil.

It sounds like a great idea to 99% of Americans,  except for one person beholden to the 1% environmentalists.

This one person, our Commanding Officer, who’s promised to veto any legislation that approves this pipeline, is standing guard like a cop against the passage of this rare chance for progress.

I think we should call Mr. Obama the top Keystone Kop.

Don’t feel bad if you have no idea who the Keystone Kops are.

It just means you’re a lot younger than me.

Check this video out and see what I mean.

B.O is the one with the billy club…that’s a stick.

One of my favorite radio commentators, Rush Limbaugh, called out the President’s logic.

He noted that Mr. Obama has no reason to make a compromise before the election, because the indecision equals a cash cow for him.

The environmentalists are sending him cash and the oil companies are doing the same–both trying to sway his opinion.

He needs the money for his sparse chances of relection.

No politics regarding Canada there–Eh?


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