Adam Corolla for Sainthood

Comedian Adam Corolla’s rant about the Occupy Wall Street movement is just a wee bit too raunchy to appear in the raw on this Christian Conservative Blog.

Thank God for Glenn Beck and his editing team, otherwise I’d not be able to share this classic  moment with you.

If you haven’t heard it yet and you still have virgin ears, I recommend giving this video a try.

I noticed that Glenn had the words–“Adam Corolla is my hero,” written on his chalk board.

I second that motion.

In fact, I nominate him for Sainthood in the Catholic Church.

Just remember, Jesus didn’t go to Harvard or Oxford to select His disciples.

When Peter the fisherman first met Christ, he said, “get away from me Lord, for I am a sinner.”

Answer from Christ…in the vernacular…”No kidding…that’s why I’m choosing you…so the people will listen.”

By the way, I also heard this video in the raw.

There’s something extra funny about hearing the “beeps” on the Beck show once you know what’s being expunged.

Please share this video with your liberal friends.

It just might shut them up for a change.

If it doesn’t, at least you’ll have a good laugh.


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