Obama’s View of Thanksgiving

The blogs are abuzz today with criticism of the President for leaving “God” out of his Thanksgiving speech.

He said we Americans are “lucky.”

As tough as I am on him at times, at least his comments are consistent with his view on “bounty.”

Most believers I know see God’s gifts, like family, friends, a job etc..not as something “lucky” that happens, but as part of His Grace and Mercy toward us.

That’s why we’re thankful.

Remember the old saying…

Grace is something we get (a blessing) that we don’t deserve…Mercy is something we didn’t get (punishment) that we do deserve.

The President believes America has been evil in her past and therefore should make amends to any and all with their hands raised seeking compensation.

He also believes our wealth and success is random…so random that it should be redistributed–logically.

Sadly, his utopian ideas are failing.


Because only God the Father has the ability to create Utopia, as He alone has the wealth needed to make it happen.

Never does He tell His disciples to create a society of equals.

In fact, He teaches them to preach to all the “Good News” so that His Angels can more easily separate the sheep from the goats.

Liberals–many who claim to be humanists, are more likely to pursue ideals with “religious”  fervor than most Conservatives.

Global warming, animal rights, abortion on demand, are just a few examples of “doctrine” they want to force down the throats of the entire world.

What side of the fence are you on?

My father used to say, there are two driving forces in the world…Love and Hate.

One acknowledges God and His blessings.

The other is trying to drag men away from Him.

In my view, “hate” is playing Golf when it should be at Church.

Give thanks to God for we are lucky?

Sounds like something you’d hear in Vegas.

Didn’t someone say we shouldn’t go there?


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