Finishing A Race

Yesterday we learned that one of my all time favorite baseball players on the Boston Red Sox, Jacoby Ellsbury, did not win the American League Baseball MVP.

Going into the final month of the season, September, it was pretty clear that he would take home that hardware and that the Red Sox, his team, would make the playoffs.

No one really knows why the latter didn’t occur, outside of losing nearly every game they played that month.

I’m not saying Jacoby is to blame for Justin Verlander, a pitcher, winning the MVP award.

What I am saying is that there’s a tough lesson in this story for us all.

Often times we do good for others.

We may even find favor with God because of sacrifices we make, that no one else knows of.

Yet, since we stop using the same discipline that got us there, the reward is lost when we try to glorify ourselves for the deed.

How many times have I done something kind for my wife and then minutes later made a dumb remark that made her feel bad?

Good thing you don’t know the answer to that.

Who in this audience has not shared a blessing with a poor neighbor and then bragged about it later, only to wipe clean the virtue that inspired it?

Help us Lord to start with humility and finish with a double portion of the same.

The finish line sometimes has a way of filling our heads with pride.

That’s our fault, not Yours.


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