Jonah’s Impatience vs. Christ’s Patience

In several places in the Gospels, Jesus compares himself to Jonah.

Luke 11 has a good example.

they seek a sign and there shall no sign be given it, but the sign of Jonah the prophet.

Luckily for us sinners, Christ had a bit more patience than Jonah.

God sent both Jesus and Jonah on missions to preach repentance.

Jesus obeyed, Jonah fled.

In spite of Jonah’s unwillingness to go to Nineveh, God’s Will could not be prevented.

Almighty God took the opportunity–Jonah’s impatience with the people of Nineveh–and turned him into a foreshadowing figure for the ultimate saviour yet to come.

He too spent three days separated from God.

He too was the object of God’s wrath, sacrificed to save others.

He too was miraculously raised from the depths of the dead, to prove the power of the Lord.

In Luke 10 a Pharisee wants to impress Christ.

But because he wished to justify himself, he said to Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?”

Instead of  being repulsed by this mans pride, Jesus, unlike Jonah, sees the arrogance as a target for His message, preaching through it.

So often, in situations I find myself in daily, my level of patience diminishes where it should be growing.

Jonah thought he was too important to patiently instruct the sinners of Nineveh.

God will not allow us to become like Jonah or the scholar of the law.

That behaviour is a target for God’s correcting hand.

To avoid the pain of separation from God, let’s remember to embrace sinners, especially those who ask us questions about our faith.

The lesson we must share has the power to help them avoid further separation from God.

When we flee these opportunities, God’s Will cannot be undone.

The Lord wants us to deliver the meat of His Word.

When we run, like Jonah, we might risk becoming sushi, wrapped in seaweed.


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