Finding the Lost Independents

Last night my wife and I enjoyed an evening in downtown Pittsfield.

There’s a monthly festival on our main drag called Third Thursday.

The street is shut down, vendors of all kinds, musicians and entertainers etc… all converge to make a memorable night.

The event nostalgically recalls the Thursday nights of downtown Pittsfield from long ago.

Thursday was G.E. payday and 30 years ago or more, that was when folks had real money to spend.

Credit and store charges weren’t what they are today and the malls had not yet fully decimated the downtown retail community.

Citizens had a better sense of value and, although G.E. eventually left Pittsfield, the majority of our community was connected to this big company.

Before having a bite to eat, we bumped into a couple we’ve known for a long time.  They’re members of our church.

As the ladies chatted, the men discussed family and  eventually politics.

Surprisingly my old friend was very open about the fact he and his wife voted for Obama in the last election.

“We’re independents,” he said.

His biggest surprise was that the President did not bring the country together.

My friend thought, since Obama was a minority, he would unite the country and be less inclined to divide us over race.

To his dismay, the President became the biggest of all racists, doing all he could to divide the “haves from the have-nots,” implying that all problems in the country are the fault of the rich.

When Democrat surrogates like John (Thurston Howell III) Kerry, or Charlie (Tax Free Condo) Rangel, use the same anti-Republican talking points, that’s code for the same argument going on in Europe right now.

The rich have too much, the poor, who get money already for doing nothing over there, want more, and since the governments are broke, the only place left to get “more,” is from the rich.

I told my friend downtown, every warning Sean Hannity sounded about Obama, back in ’07 and ’08 came true.

I’m not sure he cared about Hannity as much as I did, but I do know, he and his wife are done with Obama.

Now there’s nostalgia worth remembering.


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