Newsroom 93% Democrats: 0% Tea Party

It’s no wonder members of the Tea Party are lambasted daily in the main stream media.

A recent study revealed 93% of all U.S. newsroom reporters are staunch Democrats.

The report did not reveal how many were Tea Party sympathizers.

Above, you can see I’ve weighed in with my estimate.

The historic vote by the House, to approve the raising of the debt ceiling, only by an amount less than spending cuts, with no new taxes on evil business owners, was the only way this would’ve passed.

Elections have consequences…Right Mr. President?

Since Tea Party patriots defeated so many Democrats, now selling Budweiser store to store, it’s refreshing to see them approach tough issues with a more pure perspective about the reality of runaway spending.

This is a time to pray for our country like never before.

The U-Turn on our resources must be completed for our freedoms to be preserved.

America has to grow up.

The least mature people I know, treat credit cards like their friends and savings accounts like enemies.

Putin touched a nerve, in a way, when he called the U.S. a parasite on the global economy.

What I draw from that is, when someone is supposed to lead, but instead acts like a spoiled child, everyone around them loses.

Call your Congressman and thank them for making this U-Turn on spending.

If you don’t, they just might make another one.

As far as newsrooms making a U-Turn on their vitriol against Tea Partiers…don’t count on it…even Jesus gave up on the Pharisees.


One Response to “Newsroom 93% Democrats: 0% Tea Party”

  1. Susan Says:

    Man, I sure didn’t know about that statistic about 90 percent of newsroom reporters being Demos. Wow, James. That blew me away. Interesting.

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