Balancing the Budget (12 out of 50)

Economic news in America has been so bad lately, it’s exciting to  hear anything good.

Washington seems to have no clue about this, but 12 Governors finished their fiscal year with a budget surplus.

It’s almost hard to believe, but these politicians clearly stopped playing around.

Congratulations to them all!

The biggest winner is Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels whose surplus exceeded $1.2 Billion.

If ever there was a time our childish leaders in Washington needed to learn something from those more mature Governors using fiscal restraint, it’s right now.

Call your Congressman and insist they support a Balanced Budget Amendment.

We cannot keep treating our debt like it helps us grow our economy.

It’s a cancer that strangles everything we want to do.

The first place to start, even if your Congressman and Governor are too liberal to listen, is with your own finances.

No one can stop you from cutting up those credit cards.

Do it now.

You’ll be fine without that new cardigan sweater you saw online, or those shoes you’ll probably only wear once, or that touch pad you thought would make life easier.

The biggest grown up in the room always has the fewest toys.


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