Too Big–Too Small–Too Old, in the NHL

Sometimes it’s hard to find your niche.

I have a painful, but  now funny memory, of my parents taking the family to Frontier Town in upstate New York, more than 40 years ago.

I was determined to ride a horse for the first time.

When we got to the “kiddie-ride,” where the ponies were, they said I was too heavy.

No worries…at least I thought.

We went to the big horse corral.

Sorry son, you’re too short for these steeds.

Cowboys aren’t supposed to cry…but this one did.

The only thing left was to ride the stage-coach with my grandmother(Sittoo), who was too old for anything else. 

When the robbers stopped the red wagon and pretended to hold it up, Sittoo thought it was real. 

She took off all her jewelry and stuffed it under her seat.

I tried to explain, they were just actors, but the problem was, they were good actors, with very real looking revolvers.

She was braver than me…she didn’t cry, but she sure made me laugh.

Last night, as I watched the 7th game of the Stanley Cup Finals, I was proud of the “too big” Captain Zdeno Chara, the “too small” rookie Brad Marchand and the “too old” goalie Tim Thomas.

All played significant roles in their championship season and in the final game they came up huge.

Chara with a last second save, while “too old” goalie Tim Thomas was sprawled out on his stomach, (working toward another shutout), and Marchand, with two high-speed pesky goals, to cement the lead.

Chara is the biggest man I’ve ever seen on skates. 

Marchand is one of the smallest I’ve ever seen in the NHL.

Tim Thomas looks more like a coach.

They all could’ve easily bought into their misfit statures and age.

My father often said;

The only difference between a professional and an amateur, is that a professional never quit.

I’m glad they broke the rules and rode the Stanley Cup home to Boston.

It’s a good idea, to catch a ride on whatever God gives you.

And if there are robbers out there, trying to steal your dream, they might just be pretenders, looking for a laugh.


One Response to “Too Big–Too Small–Too Old, in the NHL”

  1. Kathy Flynn Says:

    Some good true points here….poor Sittoo, I am glad she hid her jewerly – the Bruins didn’t hide anything last night !

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