Winning an Election–It Has to Be You

I once was Gomer Pyle.

What I mean is that when I saw something “good” about to happen, one could count on me saying “golly shazam!”

At least in my own way.

The Bible teaches, let our “yes” be “yes” and our “no” be “no.”

In other words–don’t get too carried away.

I’m still learning.

There’s a baseball saying that has something to do with that too.

When your team is playing real well, you’re not really that good and when your team is playing poorly, you’re not really that bad.

I’ve decided that the only place one can gloat, without getting into trouble, is in the shower.

In the year 2,000, I finished sixth out of eight in a primary election for Councillor-at-Large in Pittsfield.

Only the top four in the final election won seats, but the top eight had a chance to continue.

My chances looked grim.

Here’s how I turned it around.

The telephone.

Wait, what can that do?

A friend of mine, and fellow “goomba” named Elie, gave me a phone list of all the voters from the last election.

I devised a strategy to call everyone on that list and ask them for a favor.

I never once said, “please vote for me.”

That would’ve been too confrontational.

I said, whether they answered the phone or their machine did, “This is Jim Massery, candidate for Councillor-at-Large….would you please keep me in mind?”

I was off the phone in twelve seconds.

Who could say no to that?

There’s no cost, no abrupt committment.

Yet this tactic allowed me to finish second in the final race and take a Seat.

The people remember how I made them feel, important enough to call personally and they remembered that they nodded their head “yes” to “keeping me in mind.”

When they got into the voter’s booth, they were true to their words, “they kept me in mind.”

As a salesman, you need two things, trust, then a nod yes.

No fanfare is needed.

No screams.

No shouts.

No “golly shazams.”

Just slow and steady.

By the way, taped phone calls with your voice–just don’t work.

It has to be you.

Speaking of tapes, I’m glad no one taped me in the shower that election night.

I was quite the Gomer.


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