Rotary Dialing for the Country Boy

I read yesterday that violent crime statistics in America are down 40%.

There’s no explanation for it, as the economy being down usually causes an upward spike.

Is it possible Americans are becoming more respectful of others?

Two things happened last night on American Idol that made me happy.

The first was that Lady Gaga fell off the stage.

It was deliberate and she probably landed in foam….but I can dream can’t I?

Is it my imagination, or is American Idol a bit obsessed with her?

Let’s face it.

She stinks in more ways than one.

Was that disrespectful?

My apologies LG, keep on singing…in the shower.

The second was that America picked a singer who’s actually a promising young role model that doesn’t make one cringe.

I’m so impressed that the winner, Scotty McCreery, never once stepped out of line during the show’s run.

At least that I could see.

His parents must be something special.

Kids like that are no accident and Scotty’s respectful “shout out” to the Lord after he won was no surprise to anyone.

Thank God they didn’t bleep him.

Parents, if you have a young daughter and she’s got a chance to go on a date with that young man, thank your lucky stars.

She will be safe that evening.

I can’t say the same for the boys, if they have a date with mini-Madonna.

Kudos also to America for allowing Lauren Alaina to take second place.

She was above average in the ethics department as well.

I know that these programs often celebrate the wrong things and the worst people.

But they’re a reflection of who we are as a society.

Maybe good things are happening, as America, in a way, thumbed their noses at Idol’s values.

At least folks in the South, where rotary dial telephones are still fairly common, overcame all odds and spun their way, with no re-dial, to Scotty’s country-boy victory.

Sometimes there’s no good explanation.

I like that.

Shout out!


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