“He’s Anti-Semitic!”

It seems to me the President hasn’t been to enough Bar Mitzvahs.

That’s how most of us Gentiles learn the proper way to behave around our Jewish friends and their families.

The first Bar Mitzvah I remember, I was around eleven years old. 

Before I’d gotten three feet into the building I was wearing a yarmulke and reading an English translation of the Torah.

Putting on a hat and role-playing works every time.

Reading the right literature helps too.

Cowboys and Indians and their head-gear…

Moses and the lost children…

You just sort of adapt to the right vernacular when you’ve been properly schooled.

Maybe the President’s handlers should be more concerned about his skills as a Jew than they are with him acting like an Irishman.

When anyone who lived through 1967 hears that year mentioned in a speech, unless they’re from New England and they swoon over a Triple Crown winner named Yastrzemski, they stand proud of the Israeli victory over the Arabs.

It was a miraculous six-day war that could not have been won without direct assistance from U.S. intelligence and hardware.

Now the President is trying to unwind what he said about returning to the ’67 borders with the Palestinians.

Good luck with that.

He may as well have attended that same Bar Mitzvah I did, wearing a Hitler costume saying– “I thought it was a Halloween party.”

Let’s face it people…this guy spent too many years as a Muslim, to ever get over his core hatred for Israel.

I know he “claims” to be a Christian now, but during an interview with soft-ball tossing George Stephanopoulos, he  talked about “my Muslim faith.”

If not for George correcting him by saying–“you mean your Christian faith,” that sentence never would’ve been redacted.

It’s hard to believe the President fooled so many Jewish voters the first time around.

I promise you they’re listening now and just like Uncle Leo from Seinfeld, they’re in their kitchens screaming at relatives saying–“He’s Anti-Semitic!”

Mr. President, thanks for reminding us about old borders.

I like the idea of going back to 1972’s, when Nixon won every state but Massachusetts.

The way things are going sir, here in Massachusetts, except for South Boston where Irishmen rule and the only minorities welcome are Poles named Yaz, we will always love you.


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