EJ Dionne’s Liberal Lesson–His Ignorance On Catholicism Revealed

In today’s Berkshire Eagle, May 23rd, we read a column by Liberal Elitist Mr. Dionne.

The main point seems to be that devout Catholics should be just as outraged by Speaker John Boehner addressing graduates at Catholic University as they were about President Obama when he spoke at Notre Dame’s.

He attacks Conservatives for trying to keep the American ship from sinking under the guise of protecting Social Justice Programs…aka…the Welfare State.

That Mr. Dionne, is textbook relative righteousness. 

Your lesson epitomizes what makes up nearly every argument a liberal brings to the table.

Attack Truth, the murder of unborn humans, by declaring that Pro Life Protesters are standing on a sidewalk trampling ant-hills.

Therefore they must be evil.

Fifteen years ago, one year after volunteers at a local school in the Berkshires held a successful Father Daughter Valentine Dance, the PTO voted to cancel it.


Because some girls didn’t have fathers, so their feelings might be hurt.

Forget the fact that 90% did.

Forget the fact the other 10% would have been invited by the 90% to share their daddies for an evening.

That’s the liberal way.

Democracy and Capitalism work too well for us to continue with it, let’s destroy freedom in the name of “free housing, free healthcare, free food, free everything,” all for those “less fortunate,” and if we don’t, no one can have anything.

The fact is, that’s textbook Socialism.

Guilt–then a power grab.

Mr. Dionne, you’re an expert on Progressive tactics, but you’re no expert on Catholic teaching.

Here’s an excerpt from Pope John Paul II’s Encyclical Cententimus Annus, from 1991. 

By intervening directly and depriving society of its responsibility, the Social Assistance State leads to a loss of human energies and an inordinate increase of public agencies, which are dominated more by bureaucratic ways of thinking than by concern for serving their clients, and which are accompanied by an enormous increase in spending.

We’re not just incense and altar boys.

Some of us can think.

So, Berkshire Eagle, and Mr. EJ Dionne, the next time you try to make a Catholic feel guilty about rescuing innocent babies make sure you get your facts straight.

Wait, what am I thinking, you’re liberals, so facts are like Play Doh, just mold them to fit your feelings…

Then leave them out to dry, so no one else can use them.

Way to go.


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