The World’s Smartest Chickens Lay Eggland’s Best

I’m almost embaressed to admit this.

I will though, because I promised my readers that nothing but Truth will appear on these pages.

It must have been around ten years ago.

I was at a supermarket and saw a display for a new brand of eggs, called Eggland’s Best.

As I always do before buying eggs, I opened the carton to be sure there were no broken shells.

To my amazement there were tiny brown “EB” stamps on all the eggs.

“Wow…these are smart chickens,”  I thought to myself.

It really grabbed me.

I took about five seconds to figure out that the chickens didn’t put those stamps on the eggs at all.

Boy did I feel like a dunce….but no one knew…until now.

Since a grown man, smart enough to marry a woman as intelligent as Natalie, can be fooled by the “EB” chickens, I’ve made it my mission to keep the joke going.

Last week at the supermarket, there was a 40-something mom and her son, shopping near me in the egg aisle.

I could not resist, as this boy was the perfect age for a bit of teasing.

First I told the mom how lucky she was to have a nice helper in the store.

I needed an ice-breaker.

Then I grabbed a dozen of my Eggland’s Best from my cart and walked up to the boy.

I said, “Hey, look how smart these chickens are, they can lay eggs with stamps on them.”

The little boy’s eyes grew wide and he even reached out and touched one of them.

What happened next was a bit suprising.

The mother looked over at him, seeming more than a bit dissappointed, and said.

“Is that what you think…you think the chickens put those stamps on there?”

The boy just nodded his head and said, “yup.”

She was not amused with me, or with her son for failing the test.

She just showed me the back of her coat and walked away.

C’mon lady, he’s 7 years old, give the kid a break, this was no S.A.T. test, this was a fun memory we were making for you and your boy.

Those foxy chickens fooled me and I’m over 50.

One of my dad’s pet peeves about parenting was when he would hear a parent say to a child, “act your age.”

Most times, when kids got told “act your age,” it’s because they were.

Kids do things, usually in innocence, but they do them.

I can’t say for sure this mom was a tyrant, but I can say, if that joke were pulled on me by my Uncle Eli or Uncle Eddie, my folks would’ve thought it was a riot, not an insult.

In today’s Old Testament reading from Micah 7, we learn about the incredible love and patience God the Father shows us in light of our shortcomings.

It’s worthy of our meditation.

Who is there like you, the God who removes guilt
and pardons sin for the remnant of his inheritance;
Who does not persist in anger forever,
but delights rather in clemency,
And will again have compassion on us,
treading underfoot our guilt?
You will cast into the depths of the sea all our sins;

Lord, thank You that when we crack under pressure and sin, You’re there to put us back together again, and stamp us with your seal of approval.

The Best is yet to come.


One Response to “The World’s Smartest Chickens Lay Eggland’s Best”

  1. Susan Says:

    Oh James, I’ve seen the EB on the eggs, too. That mother was out to lunch. She should get a life if she can’t give a laugh. Cheeze louise. What’s up with uptight parents, anyway? They’re probably tired. Enjoyed your post.

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