Secretariat Movie Review–Let’s Make a Deal

The reviews said it was a pro-Christian movie, with Bible references and Christian songs etc…

The sign of a true family movie, which this was, meant that my wife would enjoy it too.

She stayed awake, as did the rest of us, barely.

I can’t criticize the story too much, except that we noticed there was no comic relief.

Not a single character ever said anything remotely funny.

Should you see this movie with your family?

That’s up to you, especially if you love horses and like me, you remember the excitement surrounding this amazing steed back in ’73.

That’s what lured me; nostalgia.

I don’t want to give it away, but the climax was a number– “31 Lengths.”

Maybe that’ll jar your memory, if you’re old enough.

In many ways, because this was so universally accepted as a Christian-friendly movie, I felt obligated to watch it.

The message was OK, but not quite as clear a story of redemption as “The Blind Side,” which we loved.

Could I have been doing something more valuable with my time?


Each morning, sadly, I force my way through a radical left-wing newspaper called the Berkshire Eagle.

Do I have better things to do?

No comment.

Ann Coulter called it the most left-wing newspaper in the country.

No kidding Annie, why do you think I’m here?

Some ying has to yang them.

A day doesn’t go by when one cannot find cartoons or editorials lampooning Sarah Palin or the new and improved Newt Gingrich, as if they were Hitler or Stalin reincarnated.

Their last whipping boy was W.

Funny how cartoons about him have faded away.

Talk about nostalgia, W now, in light of O, would look good to a lot of jobless Democrats and Independents.

I get the feeling the editors don’t read the cartoons or editorials, they just glance at them, and if they see anything remotely anti-conservative, they automatically run with it.

I guess we’re more alike than I thought.

I automatically watched Secretariat.

Maybe we’re both a bit lazy?

One recent cartoon showed Palin as a scarecrow, looking like she was about to be burned at the stake.

Where’s the comic relief there?

Here’s the bottom line–I want to make a deal with the liberals.

I won’t endorse a family movie,  just because it doesn’t say anything wrong, and you don’t have to endorse hate-filled commentary about conservatives, when their venom says nothing right.

Do we have a deal?


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