To Anoint This Moment–Stefano Langone

I boycotted American Idol Season 9.

They got it so wrong when they decided to bring on a judge with no musical background, simply because they felt the need to make a political statement.

This year, season 10, I’m all in.

The judges are legitimate and the best thing about season 10 is that none of the boys in the finals made it in season 9, otherwise I would’ve missed them.

On Thursday night’s program we learned who the top 10 would be, after America voted.

The judges then chose six people to sing for their lives, for the remaining spots in the finals.

There’s no doubt in my mind, the boys are bringing far more to the table than the girls.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the final six are all boys, that’s how much better they are.

I realize this program is 100% Hollywood and has a tendency to celebrate some shallow people.

For the most part, America, as it votes, sees through the phony kids and weeds them out.

Thursday night, it was the judges who saved the show.

There just weren’t enough votes to get Stefano Langone into the top 5  boys.

The panel let him sing for his salvation.

He chose to sing a gospel song called Lord I Need You Now.

From the audience in Hollywood to my Lazy-Boy in Pittsfield, and millions in between, Stefano transported us to the throne of God.

What a beautiful vision of a loving Creator he laid out.

There’s no doubt The Lord touched America that night and the anointing, a.k.a. the oil of gladness, lubricated the audience like never before.

Listen to what Randy Jackson says after the performance–even the rock stars will cry out.

Please readers, if you haven’t seen this video, I strongly encourage you to watch it.

I’ve listened about 30 times and have yet to get through with a dry eye.

Anyone who can lead that many millions to the throne at one time, deserves a shout-out.

Go get’em Stefano.

PS. Stefano…I have a young single…never mind…I’m not pullin’ a Scott Brown.


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