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Monday Morning After the Oscars

February 28, 2011

Most folks reading this blog did not go to the Oscars, or any of the after-parties the celebrities are famous for attending.

If you’re anything like me, you watched about half of it, then went to sleep, not knowing who won the big prizes, like best picture etc…

The hoopla and interviews, leading up to the awards, is what I usually see almost every year.

I’m not really sure why they always ask the women what dress designer they’re wearing.

My wife has never said to me, “oh I must have that woman’s number so I can spend $15,000 on my next dress.”

I did stay up to see that Toy Story III won the best animated picture.

It’s a heartwarming remake of Animal Farm, complete with a totalitarian, money-grubbing, murderous tyrant, much like the leaders in the Arab world today.

The bottom line is these actors and actresses, the directors and film makers, are all in need of something.

Sure it’s nice to have an Oscar on their mantle.

It’s probably fun, unless you love privacy, to be recognized wherever you go.

Win or lose, it’s Monday morning for everyone involved.

How they begin their day today is just as important as yesterday.

Death and judgement is an appointment we all have, but the date of it is known only by God Himself.

Each day we must dress ourselves as if this is the day we walk the red carpet to meet Him face to face.

The Word of God, our Faith in the Resurrection and our Love for one another, are the most valuable articles of clothing we could possibly wear.

In 1953 a movie starring Richard Burton, called The Robe, was nominated for best picture, but it did not win.

The Roman Soldiers were so impressed with the quality of Christ’s robe, they gambled over it.

We don’t have to gamble, we can put on Christ’s robe and wear it right now, just by accepting Him into our lives, turning over our fears and believing Him for victory in every scene of our life.

We have the far better deal than any Hollywood star without Him.

If you’re a an Oscar-ite, dragging yourself out of bed this Monday morning, you too have the right to wear the designer of the universe’s best creation.

It may not look fancy down here, but in the right Light, it will glisten for eternity.


Hollywood Becoming Holywood

February 27, 2011

I’m excited–another 6 feet of snow fell on Pittsfield last night.

Since I’m not get any younger, the inches seem like feet.

The information that I’m about to provide is not exaggerated, therefore the point should have more meaning.

In the Berkshires and other ski destinations like Colorado and Vermont, snowfall is like gold. 

In Hollywood, gold is dollars at the box office.

This morning I found an article about the growth and largesse of Conservative movies, compared to the shrinking impact of Liberal movies.

Aw…I feel terrible about this–poor Michael Moore.

More good news–it’s not just here in the U.S.

If you don’t have time to click on the link above, here are a few excerpts.

…movies with conservative values averaged $84.76 million per movie in 2010 in the United States and Canada, an increase from 2009’s average of $83.11 million. Conversely, movies with liberal, leftist content and values such as socialism, communism, radical feminism, Anti-Americanism, anti-capitalism, political correctness, and secular humanism or atheism declined from $25.85 million per movie in 2009 to only $17.94 million per movie in 2010.

“This is not only true in the United States and Canada; it’s also true overseas,”

…of the 30 Movies Making $100 Million or More Overseas in 2010, 77% had strong conservative content reflecting traditional moral values, but only 20% had strong liberal, leftist, politically correct, or humanist/atheist content.

“The success of real values in 2010 was no mistake,” Dr. Baehr asserted. “Moviegoers all over the world prefer movies that reflect more values.

Thank you   I just put a shortcut to your web site on my desktop.

So glad to see Liberal movies on a downhill slide and Conservative flicks riding the gold lift to the top.

Or should I call it the yellow chair?  (Inside joke for Bousquet alumni.)

The Original GPS (Grab Person on Sidewalk)

February 26, 2011

It really wasn’t that long ago when none of us had GPS devices in our cars.

The number who don’t have them is dwindling, but they’re easy to spot.

They’re the ones either screaming at their spouses, reading a giant fold-out map, completely obscuring their vision of anything else, or, (and this is what I used to do) barking at total strangers through rolled down car windows.

I remember the thoughts that went through my mind in those days…(this dude looks intelligent and friendly enough…I’ll ask him where the Foley Funeral Parlor is in Somerville, even though I still haven’t even found Cambridge…oops this guy’s selling flowers….roll the window up-quick!)

Most people really did try to help.

The worst part, for me anyways, especially if I was lucky enough to grab a person exuding confidence, was that I’d break my father’s cardinal rule and never write down what was said.

One of my dad’s favorite sayings was this…”a short pencil is better than a long memory.”

I don’t know if he made that up, but it seemed to me like he did, ’cause he said it every day.

I really was one of the most stupid drivers of all time before I got my GPS.

Natalie would turn and look at me, after someone gave what sounded like perfect directions, and say….”you don’t have any idea what that guy just said do you?”

She was right.

I think the main reason why we’ll overcome the fuel shortage is because GPS devices stop drivers like me from spending extra hours on the road, circling destinations, as sweat pours onto our white Van Heusen and dark blue with gray pinstripe J.C.P. suits.

There’s an AP article today about how the President has enlisted Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts to help him get re-elected.

At first glance, this article seems innocuous, but looking deeply into it, reveals the President is in full perspiration mode, trying to reach his goal–a second term in office.

Here’s the problem with the Presidents choice of GPS–Deval Patrick is Governor of a Progressive State.

Massachusetts may be solidly behind Deval, but it’s hardly a swing State like Ohio.

This place is the only State that voted for George McGovern, and it treats Senator John Kerry like he’s Mark Wahlberg.

It hasn’t voted Republican since Lincoln, except for a few Governors and Scott Brown.

The Scott Brown election was a rejection of the President and the Pelosi/Reid universal health care assault on voters.

It didn’t hurt that Scott Brown was a great guy, but even he campaigned with a “stop Obamacare” message.

Well, good luck Mr. President, I hope you find what you’re looking for. (Phyllis from The Office reference)

I really don’t mean that.

I hope Mitt Romney does.

In a funny way, as Deval Patrick starts his “let-me-help-my-demo-bro-campaign,” he’ll be reminding voters of Mitt Romney, the former Governor of Massachusetts, who was the architect of much of what Deval calls his success in the Bay State.

There is one thing the President could learn from brother Deval–he doesn’t play the race card or use class warfare  in every speech.

That’s his strongest suit as a politician.

His speeches are sincere.

Let’s hope the President doesn’t have a pencil.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Defend, Megyn’s Law

February 25, 2011

Anyone who isn’t watching Megyn Kelly on Fox News is really missing something.

First of all, spoken as one who has been slapped in the face before, she is not too hard on the eyes.

Sorry Megyn, you really are blessed in areas other than just intelligence…that’s not my fault.

I actually don’t get to see her enough, because her segment is on from 1-3 pm each afternoon, while I’m at work.

Uncle Bill O’Reilly had her on last night.

She really is a hard-working girl, as I believe she said recently she is 8 months pregnant, but still digging deeply into the facts about some very hot topics.

Last night she explained to O’Reilly that the President has decided that his administration will no longer defend in court what he believes is the unconstitutional Defense of Marriage Act.

I love Megyn’s spin on this…wait…since she was on O’Reilly I can’t use that word…I meant to say, I love her take.

Here it is–paraphrased:

“OK, let’s just say that Obama loses in 2012.”  

A dream come true for a lot of us.

“The new President comes along and says, well, I just don’t believe that Obamacare is constitutional, so we won’t defend it in court.”

“The precedent has been set.”

That’s why I love you so much Megyn.

Great point!

Mr. President, I believe you have met your match.

Thank you again Kelly.

I say this to a lot of people, it is actually quite easy to do these days.

You my dear, are far more qualified to be President than Mr. Obama.

Please run in 2012.

If not, at least don’t stay away for too long.

Your babies (fans) need you.

Marlboro Man’s Worst Addictions

February 24, 2011

The debate about the President’s smoking habit is hardly a debate any more.

Smoking any kind of tobacco is viewed as equal to dropping a mercury thermometer in the hallway of a public school.

That happened here in Pittsfield a few years ago and they shut down the school.

I think 137 essays died that day, but, our Hazardous Response Team was able to clean up the spill and secure the building in just 72 hours.

I remember being a small boy and biting into a thermometer at least once every six months or so, because of a natural gag reflex that I had.

It was the broken glass in my mouth that bothered me more than the mercury.

I don’t remember the Haz-mat team coming to Loumar Drive, but I do remember my mother cleaning up the glass and the blood from my mouth.

There are two addictions that the President has that are hurting America far worse than his love for Marlboros.

First, is his addiction to all causes that are liberal.

The second, is his addiction to polling data.

You have to wonder, does he ever cross-reference anything?

You know, like a Pharmacist or a Doctor is supposed to do before they give you a new drug, to be sure there are no conflicts.

In this morning’s newspaper, front page, is the news about how the Federal Government is no longer going to defend the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act.

No surprise really.

First of all, in spite of the criticism Obama has received from the gay community for not doing enough for them, he has been in their corner since day one.

Their initial love affair with him was correct all along.

The problem for them was that he was also addicted to polling data, which said Americans weren’t interested in our President spending time on that issue, while our economy and jobs were far more pressing.

Gays were pushed aside until he needed them.

Now he needs them and here is why.

His choices for those to defend him at the polls are dwindling.

Like Gaddafi, his circle of trusted henchmen is smaller than it should be to survive.

Surely the Colonel must be promising those few remaining loyalists just about anything to keep him from ending up with a Mussolini neck tie.

The President has looked hard and long at his polling data–here is what he sees on the negative side.

Conservatives…no way.

White males…maybe for a basketball game and a beer, but not for a vote.

White women…shakier than before, he should talk to Clinton on this.

Independents…gone but not forgotten.  This one hurts the most.

Here is what he sees on the positive side for him at the next election.

Liberals…you betcha…but there aren’t as many as there used to be, they have been aborting themselves, literally.

Minorities….solid and growing.  His only bright spot.

Illegals….Yes, but only through fraud can they vote…that’s why he made Rahm Mayor of Oz, networking with poll workers and other crooked Mayors across America can’t hurt.

Gays…Yes, that giant horde of loyal voters, numbering in the billions probably–just trample on the constitution or any other archaic ideas and they will follow you anywhere.

Elections have consequences.

The next time someone, especially the President, tries to shove something down your throat, bite it off.

They’re doing it in Libya, why not Iowa?

Right to Work State vs. Forced Dues State

February 23, 2011

I’m one of those people who can’t wrap his head around daylight savings time.

What I mean is that when the clock is set back, or set forward, I can never quite figure out what that means in terms of daylight–more or less?

The funny thing is–daylight– is the gist of the whole concept, as it was created to extend the day.

I think one of the most difficult things about the argument happening in Wisconsin, is getting our collective minds around the term “Non Right to Work State.”

Any definition with a negative word like “non”, for me anyways, sends my brain into a “daylight savings time” type of spiral.

I’ve noticed many people are asking the same question–“what’s the difference between a Right to Work vs. a Non Right to Work State?”

The title of my blog today should help.

When you see the word “non,” automatically substitute the definition, “Forced Dues State.”

Now that I can visualize…my arm twisted behind my back with someone forcing me to pay for something I don’t want.

Check out the State map link below.

The white States are bad–requiring forced union dues, the blue States are good–giving people the right to work, whether they’re a union member or not.

The bottom line–the States that have set themselves free from Federal Labor Laws, established under FDR, allow their teachers to work without having to pay union dues.

Remember, union administrators don’t have to reveal where the dues are going.

Is it a coincidence that the white States on the map almost always vote Democrat?

Hmmm…these leaders couldn’t possibly be sending important education related funds to politicians, that would be too diabolical, right?

Thank God for Bill O’Reilly, who pointed out last night in the No Spin Zone, that the president of the AFL-CIO has been to the White House more than a few times since Obama has been elected.

Let’s follow the money, thanks Bill…what’s the scoop?

I hope you enjoy my skit.

Bill: “Hey, Blogger Man Jimmy…Try to guess how many times he visited the White House?

Jimmy: “5?”

Bill: “Nope.”

Jimmy: “10?”

Bill: “Nope.”

Jimmy: “20?”

Bill: “Nope.”

Jimmy: “30?”

Bill: “Nope…. Try 47.”

Hmmm…that AFL-CIO president must really love the steamed broccoli…or, maybe he’s doing all that he can to keep the top Liberal flush with cash, so when things go bad, like in Wisconsin, he’ll forget his real job work overtime for the unions, just like a well-trained attack dog.

Now that this has all been cleared up, I think I’ll start jogging after work again, while it’s light out.

Wait…it’s still zero degrees here in the Berkshires.

Forget it.

14 Martyrs in Wisconsin–Allahu Akbar

February 22, 2011

I realize that one can push their agenda using words and analogies.

Anyone with a blog that identifies themselves as a Conservative, Christian, Citizen, should not be surprised by anything I write.

If you don’t like my message and you try hard enough, you might be able to find a blog with the title, Liberal, Lucifer, Liar.

My perspective today is bound to raise the ire of many liberals.

Too bad…this is serious.

Never before, in the Arab world, has their been a better time for America to be a good role model for democracy than right now.

I disagree with many of my conservative brothers who feel that these protests are coming from the Muslim brotherhood.

No; the Muslim brotherhood is jumping in and trying to stir the pot, but the boiling started long ago.

The technology and information age, has revealed to the masses that they are essentially the peasant-stooges of oppressive thieves, like Mubarak and Gaddafi.

The easiest way to tell that the Muslim fanatics are not behind this movement is the fact that when citizens die, no group is claiming them as martyrs for a cause.

If they were Muslim martyrs, then when bullets are mowing down a crowd of Libyan citizens at a funeral, web sites like Al, would have the dead’s faces in lights with captions under it saying “Allahu Akbar, they have died for Allah.”

I mean no disprespect to these people, let us all pray that they are actually martyrs for a future democracy.

Last night as I was watching the news…Fox News AND CNN News–once in a while I cave and watch Wolfe in the Situation Room– one of the news stations showed photos of the 14 democrats in hiding from Wisconsin.

Politically speaking, these people are already dead in my mind.

When the Unions tire of paying their hotel and meal bills, they will all go home as losers.

In the meantime, the only thing missing under their faces are the words “Allahu Akbar–Holy Martyrs.”

What is their cause you say?

Robbing from the taxpayers in the name of their religion–unions.

The rank and file school teacher has no idea how corrupt the union bosses are.

This whole collective bargaining argument has more to do with teachers being allowed to opt out of paying union dues than it does their pay and benefits.

Wake up liberals, these union leaders are thieves and liars sucking the life out of their peasant-stooges–the teachers.

The educators are the dupes here but they just don’t see it.

No different than a rank and file Muslim who does not realize that Muslim leaders are not really motivated by religion–but by money and power.

I wish there was a way that we could translate the US Constitution into Arabic and drop thousands of copies on the protesters.

This is how it’s done folks.

As far as the 14 Martyrs in Wisconsin are concerned, yes they are dead politically, but no blood was shed.

We even allow bloodless suicides.

Now that is civility.

Jeddah Clampett

February 21, 2011

Yesterday I visited my aunt who’s not feeling well.

She was born in Lebanon and is one of the most intelligent and well spoken people I know.

Not to mention, her Tabuleh, (everything she makes really) should be award-winning …I have the recipe.

Somehow we ended up talking about oil in the Middle East and their Saudi and Kuwaiti connections.

She recalled how the poor Bedouins, (Arabs who traveled by camel with tents throughout the desert) began to find crude oil on their land several generations ago.

They became so wealthy, they used to visit Lebanon to buy Cadillacs.

It was nothing for them to purchase ten cars at a time from her uncle, and then drive them back to the desert.

If one broke down on the way, they’d just leave it by the side of the road.

These people weren’t educated or sophisticated, but, they were unrestrained by government.

Today there are 4 billion gallons of untapped crude oil in a far away place that few dare to travel–except my cousin Billy.

This place is nowhere near the Middle East.

This article  and link below, from the USGS (United States Geological Survey) reports on what they believe is the largest continuous oil field in the world.

Try to guess where it is.






Try Montana and South Dakota.

Now before my liberal readers fly off the handle about some endangered species in the region, or start searching for evidence that this will make no impact on oil prices, please remember one important point.

Oil, as a speculative investment, is just as likely to rise and fall in price based on Fear and Hope, as it is on Supply and Demand.

If I were President,–and believe me liberals you can thank your crystal rocks I’m not–drilling in this oil reserve would be my mantra.

I’d scare the crap out of speculators and tell them all the resources of the Federal Government would help private companies access that oil field, reducing our dependence on imports.

We’ve relied on Jeddah Clampett long enough.

I like wind energy, don’t get me wrong, but we’re still a few years away from running Plow Trucks in the Berkshires with little Beanie and Cecil windmills on the roof’s of our Freightliners.

It’s time we start acting like the superpower we are.

Jobs aren’t that hard to create when laws preventing investment are put in proper perspective.

The liberals have been controlling our government for so long, we’ve become numb to their mantra that human activity of any kind is evil.

If God were a liberal, Jesus would’ve called himself the Tofu of God, not the Lamb.

Darn those lousy meat eaters messing up mother earth.

Remember the alternative….gasoline at $5.00 a gallon.

Try driving to the whole foods store every week on that camel.

Upward Mobility–Now It’s the Voter’s Turn

February 20, 2011

Many of my readers from the Pittsfield area remember long time City Councilor Peter Arlos.

Although I never had the privilege of serving on the Council with him, I came on in 1998 as he was leaving, after approximately 30 years of service.

Anyone who has been around that long can testify of the dramatic changes that have occurred.

Peter often spoke at council meetings about Pittsfield’s unfunded liabilities.

Here is the gist of it;

Long ago, when people chose to enter the public sector, as a teacher, or a fireman, or a police officer, they did so knowing that pay was low, but their cause was noble.

Their decision to serve in these vocations was comparable to serving in the military.

Their reward  was personal fulfillment and a better society.

Civic leaders, who controlled benefits, wanted to throw in a small caveat for the sacrifices that these honest and loyal individuals made.

So, they threw in health insurance and a retirement package.

Back in the olden days, before malpractice insurance drove up the cost of health care by 1,000%–doctor visits were about as costly as blood pressure checks and flu shots at CVS.

Bread was a nickel and a nice apartment would rent for $95 per month.

These little promises to our public servants, before long, become the monsters that are now crushing State budgets across America.

In 1963 my father, who was a successful business owner–White Star Confectionary–moved to one of the more upscale neighborhoods in Pittsfield.

He bought a home on Loumar Drive for $40,000–big money in 1963.

His cousin “Red Geroge” the dentist, who lived there too, talked him into moving up from Bay State Road off South Street.

It truly was a “Leave it to Beaver” neighborhood, that also included LeRoi Drive and Trova Terrace.

Families who could afford to live there were GE executives, and I’m not talking about junior executives, I’m talking about names like Jack Welch and Dick Rinehart.

Other homes were filled by Doctors Gregory, Smith, Hajjar, Walchenbach and Briskin and owners of companies like Carr Hardware, Lipton Oil, Pittsfield Rye Bakery, Gellar Auto Parts, the Holland Company and Kreiger Accountants.

These were all stalwart members of the community, who took risks, invested their lives–way more than 40 hours per week–and created jobs in the area.

A teacher, fireman or police officer simply did not have the means to live there.

Why?….because they were sacrificing their income for the greater good of the community.

Go into that neighborhood today….and you’ll find many teachers, firefighters and police officers.

I am not begrudging their success, but what I am saying is that since their health insurance and retirement costs are not eating away at their purchasing power, they too have moved up the ladder.

The small business man and now even the doctors and dentists, have seen their incomes slip, due to taxes, malpractice insurance and burdensome regulations, that make it harder to keep what you make.

The lesson here is simple–never, as a civic leader, make a promise that cannot be undone.

That is why the sky is falling in Wisconsin and will soon be falling in so many other States.

Promises to children that are broken, guarantee temper tantrums that all citizens within earshot are bound to hear.

Do we sympathize with them?


Is there an alternative?


If you said higher taxes, you slept through the 2010 November elections–time to wake up.

Nancy lost her giant gavel to a whole lot of conservative leaders and most of them are keeping their promises to the voters.

Sink or Swim in Wisconsin

February 19, 2011

The Governor of Wisconsin is not a liar.

He campaigned on fixing his State’s budget shortfall and now it’s time to sink or swim.

The biggest surprise is not that the union protesters are clogging the capitol building steps.

They are just skipping work, they won’t be there on the weekend.

It is no shock that 14 Democrat Senators have left the State of Wisconsin “en mass” in order to stall the inevitable.

All losers run away.

It is not even news that the Reverend Jesse Jackson and the President have weighed in on the side of the “poor victims.”

Isn’t that what they always do–“community organize” –for political gain?

The biggest surprise of all is that the Governor is actually doing what he promised in his campaign.

What politician takes his life in his hands these days to accomplish anything?

Kudos to you Governor Walker.

We conservatives are proud of you and we are praying for your success and safety.

Any of us who sail remember the first rule–the captain always goes down with his ship.

Governor Walker is not shirking his responsibility in any way as captain.

What the left-wing media doesn’t want to admit, (mainly because they are used to a government that–when in crisis–simply prints more money) is that the governor is saving his State from bankruptcy.

He is doing what Washington does not have the courage to do.

Instead of learning a lesson, they throw stones.

Wow Mr. President that was a courageous interview you gave with Mary Tyler Moore’s TV Station…you sounded about as convincing as Ted Baxter.

I had to laugh when one teacher made the ridiculous claim that now she can relate to the people of Egypt.

The funny part about her comment is that she and the rest of the–we don’t want to pay our fair share for anything crowd–are more like Mubarak the Egyptian.

He was the one skimming money off the public and creating laws that protected him only, living above the rules for everyone else and rigging all transactions to be his cash cow.

That sounds a bit like union activity to me.

The people of Wisconsin elected Walker to take down the Mubarak system of sponging the common man.

Thugs of Wisconsin listen up, that extra 20 or 30 dollars a week you’ll have to pay for health care and pension just might be the cargo tossed that keeps the whole ship from sinking.

Take a good look Mr. President, this is what leaders do.