Bill Belichick Proud, Not Likely

I could not help but feel sorry for the fans of the Houston Texans last night, at the end of the Monday Night Football game. (12/13/10)

After a valiant comeback against the Baltimore Ravens; tying the game and sending it into overtime; down 28-7; they still  lost.

This defeat was extra painful for the fans, as the quarterback, Matt Schaub, was “the hero” who lead them all the way back and also “the goat,” who threw the interception that was run back for a sudden death, game ending touch down.

The looks on the faces of the fans said it all. 

A majority of them had their hands on their heads, trying to keep their lids from flipping

We here in New England have been truly blessed to have Coach Bill Belichick as the leader of our team, the New England Patriots.

Nobody is perfect, that is for sure, but for the most part, it is his style and humble approach toward opponents, that to me, makes him stand out.

Sure, he knows the game, sure he has incredible players, sure his draft skills are amazing, recognizing talent in young players, but that, in my view, is not the key ingredient to success.

In today’s Old Testament Reading from Zephaniah 3, look at the way God speaks about the proud.

For then will I remove from your midst
the proud braggarts,
And you shall no longer exalt yourself
on my holy mountain.
But I will leave as a remnant in your midst
a people humble and lowly,
Who shall take refuge in the name of the LORD:
the remnant of Israel.
They shall do no wrong
and speak no lies;
Nor shall there be found in their mouths
a deceitful tongue;
They shall pasture and couch their flocks
with none to disturb them.

Any serious football fan knows when a Belichick player is being interviewed.

They’ll never say anything bad about their pending opponent and do not brag about their accomplishments, unless it is for two or three seconds after they have won a Super Bowl.

The coach prepares the team by reminding them how good their opponents are, not how bad.

Earlier in the year, after the first game they won against the Bengals, one of his players, Randy Moss, was mouthing off to the press about his contract coming to an end.

See you later Randy. 

He was traded within two weeks.

No matter who we are, our attitude and approach toward others and toward our weaknesses and temptation, must be tempered by respect and humility.

God has little tolerance for the proud and the Coach is imitating the right Person by demanding a “closed mouth” policy with his players.

Lord, never let us forget who we are and where we came from.

Are you a fan yet?


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