Gideon’s Unlikely Victory

In the Book of Judges Chapter 7 there’s a lengthy story about Gideon and his 300 men.

The children of Israel were being attacked regularly by the Midianites and Amalekites.

God chose Gideon, a young man, to deliver His people from persecution.

Gideon was reluctant.

He pressed the Lord for several miracles before he’d allow himself to believe he could overcome his enemies.

He asked God to drop dew on a wool rug–outside his camp–and keep the ground dry–which God did.

The next night he asked God to do the opposite–drop dew on the ground–and keep the wool rug dry–and the Lord complied.

He even snuck into the enemy camp to overhear his adversaries analyzing a dream, which they believed meant Gideon’s Army would beat them.

Once Gideon heard that he was ready to attack.

But God wasn’t.

Gideon’s Army was 32,000.

The Lord said there were too many.

God wanted the credit to go only to the Heavens–not to the numbers.

Gideon was told to send home all who were afraid of the battle.

22,000 complied.

The Lord still felt the Army was too large.

He told Gideon to take them all down by the river.

Those that bent over like dogs to drink were sent home; 10,000; exposing their weakness and unreadiness to fight.

All that remained were 300–who got on one knee and scooped water with their hands–bringing it up to drink.

This small group kept one eye on the battlefield.

That was the Army who routed the enemy.

In many ways, fence-sitting Republicans are being weeded out from the field by a wave of Tea Party voters.

Though the victory for Republicans looks attainable, as Liberals admittedly are approaching this election with a damage control plan of action, winning back the House and more of the Senate with huge numbers is not really what Almighty God cares about.

God is more interested in Truth than politics.

He cares more about preserving faith, freedom, family values and the innocent victims of a selfish world–never given a chance to see the light of day.

As the so-called right-wing-whacko Tea-Party endorsed candidates “miraculously” win Republican primaries, we Conservatives should think of Gideon.

The miracles have already happened; don’t forget Scott Brown in Massachusetts.

Pundits can stir the pot all they want about unelectable candidates and losing the majority–they get paid to do that.

I agree with Senator Jim DeMint from South Carolina, when he said, “winning back the Senate for the Republicans is pointless if we have to elect liberal leaning Republicans.”

When God wanted victory for Gideon He weeded out liberals too.

Sorry Republican establishment, I prefer following in the footsteps of Gideon.

Let the Army be small, but let it keep its eye on the battlefield that really matters.


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