Phobias So Thick They Block the View–Tony Wallace Story

Lately it’s become anathema to be labeled as having a political “phobia” of any kind.

God forbid one be called a homophobe or an Islamaphobe or some other wrath-magnet of a similar style.

The problem with that rationale, criticizing fears, is that it’s an attempts to stifle debate.

One of the bylines of my daily blog is “Debate Is Not Hate.”

The most typical way healthy debate is stifled is by labeling large groups as “haters” because of the behavior of one or two people, who may not even be in the group.

Here’s a phobia that I’m not ashamed to say I have.

It’s called “stupid-news-aphobia.”


A “so-called” pastor, who may have spent the majority of his formative years parking cars at Gatorland in Florida, gets front page “Drudge-like” headlines because he has the bright idea of burning Korans in the name of God.

For an entire week, the news world sat at this man’s doorstep waiting to see how he ate his eggs; scrambled, fried or poached, so that the rest of us could be well-informed regarding his every move.

There must be a lesson here somewhere.

I think it has something to do with our national obsession with political correctness.

Had this man been an Imam and made the announcement he was going to roast falafel over a smoldering Bible fire, I don’t think it would have been as newsworthy.

Our system tends to go into overdrive whenever something politically motivated tickles the fancy of a liberal news director.

Then, like suckers in a pond, we begin devouring the bait like candy at the movies.

We’re all partly to blame, with regard to pumping up ratings of hysteria based news.

The best thing we can do is simply turn it off.

Whenever we can, we should drop a line to the perpetrators of such rubbish and let them know we’re taking our viewership elsewhere.

I recently read an article about a police officer named Tony Wallace from Alaska.

Tony was one of the few hard of hearing police officers in the country.

Tragically, Tony was shot and killed on the job by a criminal.

Very few know this valiant young man’s story.

He displayed more courage in life than most people I know.

Yet the world barely know his story.

I hope you take a moment to learn about Tony and say a prayer for him and his grieving family.

This is a message worthy of your time, with facts beyond debate.


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