The “Why We Hate Them” Museum

The Liberal Agenda is so predictable.

In a recent Berkshire Eagle publication (a left leaning paper in Massachusetts) the anonymous editor begins his Marxist Class of the day by criticizing any opposition to the proposed new Mosque in the shadow of Ground Zero and the 9/11 Terrorist Attack.

Dutifully, in the most coy way possible that a Liberal Elitist can, he attempts to make Americans feel guilty for their anger over 9/11.

It’s a text book attack on common sense, complete with the obligatory “everything-that-is-wrong-with-America-can-be-blamed-on-Sarah-Palin-and-the-TEA-Party” argument.

Liberals love to continue the lie that Muslim extremists hate America because of our policies.  They press the illusion that all we need to do is change and they will love us.

Tell that to my two Aunts and Uncle.

It was New Year’s Day, 1980.  My two elderly Christian Aunts and Uncle, well into their 80’s, living in Lebanon, answered a loud knock at the door.

Waiting for them outside were assassins.

They begged for mercy, but were killed in their homes, beheaded, with their bodies thrown into the streets.

Their property was taken over and not returned to their family for nearly a decade.

Would the editor of the Berkshire Eagle please explain what mistakes they made?

One of my Aunts was a mid-wife.  She delivered thousands of babies in her lifetime and most of them were Muslim infants, due to customs which prevented men from touching women in labor.

She was a local hero who never hurt anyone.

Frankly, I’m tired of hearing about “why they hate us.”

In honor of those who died on 9/11, and my elderly Aunts and Uncle, let them build their Mosque at Ground Zero, but only if another building is allowed to rise across the street.

We should call it the “Why We Hate Them Museum.”

Families from all over the world, brutalized by Muslim extremists, can bring their stories and memorabilia to this center.

Tolerance should never crowd Truth from the streets.

If it does, we’re doomed to repeat mistakes of the past.


2 Responses to “The “Why We Hate Them” Museum”

  1. M-J Says:

    Bravo, Mr. Massery. I am so sorry for your family. Thanks for posting this enlightening story–if only the right people, I mean the Left, would read it.

    Blaming the U.S’ policies for 9-1-1 is pure poppycock. We must ask the minority of Americans who never met an oppressive dictator they didn’t love, “why, because we had sanctions against an Iran led by intolerant, extremist haters? Sanctions on the same once-great Persian country that is now gaining weapons of mass destruction, with certain countries already in their sights? How is that bad policy in the eyes of anyone who wants to live? The worst thing about those policies is their bloody futility. They certainly do not mitigate the actions of a culture that exhorts its adherents to kill anyone who holds a different religious viewpoint. It is up to the Persian people to change its leadership.

    And how about our policies of letting any and all students from Moslem countries into the U.S. universities, so that their Chemical Engineering students can learn to make bombs (Nidal Ayyad, for one, who quit Rutgers and proceeded to blow up the WTC in 1993)? And, since then, even after 9-1-1, those generous, tolerant policies continue. Those are the extremely friendly policies that the U.S. has held for forty years or more. The lame excuse given by the Imam claiming that America was complicit in its own destruction holds no water–it is pure disingenuous posturing.

    You are correct in your statement, “Tolerance should never crowd Truth from the streets.”

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