Cinderella Man Meets Hooverville (Movie Review)

My youngest son and I watched a movie last night called Cinderella Man.

It was recommended by a Catholic Family organization, so we had a hunch we could get through it without feeling sullied.

Whoever it was that makes those recommendations I’d like to publicly thank.

This movie is a must for all Americans and especially progressives who think big government and bailouts create real jobs.

I don’t want to give the story away, but I will say that it’s the true tale of a real life heavyweight boxer named James Braddock and his family.

He began his career before the Great Depression.

He, like millions of others, went down financially with the whole country and then literally “fought” his way back to respectability.

There’s one scene in the movie I found haunting.

James descends upon Central Park in New York, looking for a friend who disappeared.

The park has been renamed “Hooverville,” a spoof on the current President;  shacks and tents are all over Central Park, for those with nowhere else to go.

All I could think of…”this is happening again!”  We are in a modern-day “Hooverville.”

The current real estate foreclosure crisis that we’re enduring is the result of too many houses being built for too many unqualified buyers to get into with too little money down.

Government trying to control intangibles like market values and credit-worthiness is a guaranteed path to failure.

There’s one more scene in the movie that made me want to stand up and cheer.

James, who had to go on “relief” for a time, (welfare) does something with his money that may have never been done before.

You’ll have to see Cinderella Man to find out what it is.

If you’re a regular reader of this reflection, I know you’ll love it.

Thank you Lord for decent Hollywood producers and directors, (like Ron Howard) who have the courage to share the truth about men and women of integrity, like Mr. & Mrs. James Braddock.


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