The Littlest Heartbreaker

Lindsay and the BearCat

As part of my job I get to attend trade shows for the Law Enforcement Community.

I am recently attending the National Sheriff’s Conference in California.

This conference moves around from State to State each year.

Because of the “coolness factor” of the products I sell, it’s very common for kids to want to jump up on the vehicles while the parents snap photos.

Today, a  cute young lady (a future heartbreaker)  who just turned ten last week, was one of those kids.

Except this girl stood out.

On her shirt she had a giant button with a picture of her daddy.

This young lady, let’s call her Lindsay, was only 7 months old, when her daddy, let’s call him Danny, a Deputy Sheriff from Florida, was killed in the line of duty.

Lindsay does more than just wear that button.

She volunteers to meet the kids of other fallen officers and deputies in and around her State, to help them get through their grief.

For children, they don’t need a lot of words to communicate.

They prefer actions.

Lindsay is one those unsung action heroes doing what she can to help others like her get on with their lives.

Her mom sent me the photo.

She also mentioned that she visited a grieved family this week, where there was an 8 month old, just like she was nine years ago.

Thank you Lord for brave police officers and deputies, who risk so very much.

Never let us forget their kids; especially the heartbreakers.


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