Uncle Adib and Dad’s Excellent Adventure

Whenever I’m in Anaheim on business I can’t help but think of the first time I traveled here; 1966.

The family came to California for a visit in January.  My dad’s parents, my grandparents, moved to San Diego years earlier for health reasons.  My dad’s four sisters also lived there with their husbands and children.

As a treat, the folks decided to take the little ones to Disney Land.  My Uncle Adib was the driver, (dad’s brother-in-law) and he owned a big station wagon that he used to transport his own three kids.

Both my dad and uncle Adib were businessmen.   They were well dressed and looked the part.  They were respected and always seemed to be the ones who had all the answers whenever something went wrong.

Something did go wrong on our trip to Anaheim;


…a blowout on the rear tire.

I remember Uncle Adib pulling way off the highway onto a dirt breakdown lane; so that the families would be safe.  All of us kids jumped out the rear window, and in spite of this flat tire putting serious doubts on the success of the trip to Disney Land, we kids treated it like an adventure.

The look on the men’s faces was about the same.  Stern, matter of fact and basically saying; “yep, it’s flat all right, now what do we do?” 

They probably could’ve figured it out on their own, but I’m not sure either one wanted to be the first to try.

All of a sudden, like Zorro swinging in on a chandelier, a psychedelic looking van, with a real long-haired hippy in bell bottoms and tie-died shirt pulled up behind us in the breakdown area. 

Dad and Uncle Adib looked more than a bit concerned. 

The man came bounding right up to the dads and said–“hey man, you want help?”

“Yes!” they both exclaimed. 

Within minutes the hairy man most conservatives of that time thought was the symbol of all that was wrong with America, was rescuing all that was wrong with our day. 

I’m not sure how much they paid him, but I remember seeing at least one $20.  Big money at that time.  Maybe the fastest buck he made in a while; unless of course he was the real Shaggy from Scooby Doo collecting royalties.

Jesus was the unconventional hero too.  He didn’t look the part, but He delivered like no one else could. 

He was sensitive to the blessings promised to us by God the Father, and made the ultimate sacrifice of an atoning death on the cross, to be sure we could reach our promised destination.

Lord, help us to stay open-minded to your messages.

They may be wearing the wrong clothes.


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