My dad, Ed Massery, was one of the greatest communicators I’ve ever known.

He was a candy & tobacco salesman on the road, who visited the same mom and pop stores every week for nearly 40 years.

Somehow he was able to provide more than just candy to his customers.

They saw him as a friend, a counselor, and even a one-man prayer line.

Dad was tough as nails, an Army MP/Sgt. from WWII, but soft as a marshmallow on the inside.

He, like Christ, always tried to bring out the good in people.

I’ll never forget his story about the time he pulled up to a Bar called Riverside Cafe’ in Pittsfield.

It was in a rough neighborhood and catered to one ethnic group.

As he got out of the car there were two men leaning against the building.

One said “Hey man, when you goes inside I’z gonna steal dat box of cigaraats out yo back seat.”

Without hesitation, Dad answered “No you won’t, you’ve got too much class for that.”

Needless to say, the man began strutting around the sidewalk saying “I got class, da man says I got class.”

His friend interupted “Class my a#%, you ain’t nuthin but a dumb n$&*#%”.

Fortunately for Ed, the power of edification overwhelmed the would-be trouble maker, and got him in and out of the Riverside without incident.

Life has a way of testing us.

My attempt at blogging is to share things, like that story about dad, to help you the reader find hope in a world filled with fear.

As for me, it’s just a cool place to store some really great memories.

God Bless.

Jim Massery


One Response to “Why?”

  1. Bonkwee Says:

    Nice work Mr. Massery

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